Trade Shows

The Classic Trade Show Booth

From a simple backdrop to the entire trade show booth, Nordwerk Design offers green solutions to every challenge, turning your vison into a great, sustainable experience on site. With our printing and cutting capabilities in-house, you remain in full control over every step of the process, making even last-minute changes easily possible. 

Since the material is lightweight, production is fast and building times on site are short. And because all our designs come flat packed, shipping is efficient as well as environmentally friendly. On top our work is 100% recyclable, since we are using cardboard only.

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The largest project we realized contained 35 Trade Show Booths at once, covering an area of 17,700 square-feet (1,644 sqm).

With our team we built these booths in less than 3 days. And after show was over, everything was 100% recycled.

For this Gallery, we picked a selection of simpler Trade Show Booths and Event Installations. If you are looking for more a more elaborate Event Architecture or Special Design Items, please have a look at our other services.