Download MC 302

Welcome to the Download-Area for the plans of the Nordwerk MC 302. We are publishing these plans in order to help companies, organizations and agencies to have a positive impact by reducing waste and/or use more recycled material. Therefore we are giving the plans to you, so you can help create a better and greener world. In order to do so, we relinquish revenue. But we are doing so in order to show how serious we are about creating a better tomorrow.

Before downloading, please have a look at the video of the prototyping of this chair at our Canadian office, Hive City. The video also shows the process of assembly.

After watching the Video, please read the important informations about the data.

Have fun watching.

This Download-Area contain the following data:

  • .dxf-Plans for ReBoard, nested on 1600 x 3200 x 10 mm Material
  • .dxf-Plans for SWAP, nested on 1250 x 2380 x 10 mm Material
  • .dxf-Plans, not nested, for the Material of your choice
  • .pdf-Files for print, nested on DIN A0 Format for manual production
  • A manual on how to build the MC 205. The system is similar for the MC 302
  • .3ds-File in order the use the MC 302 in visualizations

Important Informations:

Please note that the MC 302 was made with 10 mm thick material. If you decide to use a material of a different thickness, you will need to modify these for it to work with the thickness of your material choice. Please note that simply scaling the files will NOT work. The slots must be adjusted manually.

The data published is for professional users who are equipped with proper cutting technology and who are experienced in operating their equipment. If you are not a professional user and/or you don’t have a CNC-Machine or equivalent technology, please download the file “Printfiles for Nordwerk MC 302 – DIN A0” and pin the printed sheets onto 10 mm thick material of proper size. When cutting, follow the blue line. Remember to mark the numbers of the slots and the pieces on the cut material in order to ensure correct assembling.
Please note that cutting the material might be challenging and will take some practice and can differ depending on the material you use.

Nordwerk Design will not take any responsibility for the use or production of this design. The material you use should be tested in order to ensure stability. Since these tests are not done by Nordwerk, we do not take any responsibility for any issues arising from it. We also do not take any responsibility for any injuries while cutting, assembling or using the MC 302. Note, that all steps happen at your own risk.
Note, that cutting the material can cause injuries. Make sure you know how to handle your equipment. Never cut while being intoxicated.

Nordwerk Design is giving away the rights to use the data to everyone! The data may be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes. However, please note that the name of the chair is Nordwerk MC 302. As the original creators of the chair, we would appreciate if you would keep that name.


Download if you are a user or ReBoard

Download if you are a user of SWAP

Download if you are using a third party material

Download if you have no professional CNC-Technologiy

Please note that the system for the MC 205 and MC 302 is identical. This manual will help you assembling it.

Final notice:

Thank you for your download and for your efforts to make the world a better place.
When you build the chair, please send us a picture and tag us on Facebook and Instagram. For any question related to the Nordwerk MC 302 please mail us at

Your Nordwerk Design-Team Germany & Hive City-Team Canada.