Wall System A – 16 mm Version

Due to COVID-19, we are publishing the plans for the Nordwerk Wall System A (16 mm) in order to help every institution or organization in need of mobile wall systems or dividers.

The Wall System is free for commercial and non-commercial use. We are offering this design in order to help authorities to deal with the crisis!

Important Informations:

Please note that Wall System A is made with 16 mm thick material. If you decide to use a material of a different thickness, you will need to modify the file for it to work with the thickness of your material choice. Please note that simply scaling the files will NOT work. The drawings must be adjusted manually. 

Depending on the material you use and the country you are in, make sure your are fulfilling the requirements in terms of building codes, fire retardancy, hygiene, escape routes and any other essential, legally required necessities. The system might not be usable “as is’, depending on these requirements in your country or jurisdiction.

The data published is for professional users who are equipped with proper cutting technology and who are experienced in operating their equipment. The .dxf-file contains informations about the cut lines. 

Nordwerk Design will not take any responsibility for the use or production of this design. The material you use should be tested in order to ensure stability. Since these tests are not done by Nordwerk, we do not take any responsibility for any issues arising from it. We also do not take any responsibility for any injuries while cutting, assembling or using it. Note, that all steps happen at your own risk. 

Nordwerk Design is giving away the rights to use the data to everyone! The data may be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes. However, please note that the name of the design is Nordwerk Wall System A. As the original creators of it, we would appreciate if you would keep that name. 

This Download-Area contains the following data:

  • .dxf-Plans, not nested, for the Material of your choice
  • .skp-Files to get a better understanding of Wall System A


Final notice:

If you have any questions, please contact us!

For Europe or general assistance, please contact Maximilian.Hansen@Nordwerk.co
For North America, please contact Karmen@Hive.City