Physical Distancing

As Covid-19 arose, Hive City from New Westminster (BC, Canada) and Nordwerk Design (Germany) came up with this solution for standees made of cardboard.

A problem we often discovered was the emptiness and the lack of hospitality at stores and restaurants that remained open. Chairs and tables were put to the side, the spaces sometimes even looked almost abandoned. Customers only came in to pick up orders.
Together with store owners in Metro Vancouver we created different standees made of cardboard. This way traffic could be directed, customers knew how to move and where to stop and the emptiness disappeared. Since it is possible and easy to print on cardboard it even creates a fun and customizable look. In addition stickers on the floor were installed next to the standees. 

The video shows an example from Taco Del Mar and general informations. 

The cardboard is already made of recycled paper and can be fully recycled again.

For Question, please contact us! For Canada/US and Germany(EU)

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