Download Nordwerk Wall System A & B

Due to COVID-19, we are publishing the plans for the Nordwerk Wall System A & B (16 mm) in order to help every institution or organization in need of mobile wall systems or dividers.

The Wall System is free for commercial and non-commercial use. We are offering this design in order to help authorities to deal with the crisis!

Please take a look at the graphic to make sure you are choosing the right wall system for your purpose. You will find the link to you wall system below.

Click here for the link to Wall System A

Wall System A has only 4 components, is fast to set up and very flexible. The Layout can be changed even after the wall system is fully set up. Due to the structure, the connectors show open cardboard edges. Please make sure this is aligned with building codes and hygiene regulations before using this design. 

Click Here for the link to Wall System B

Wall System B has 5 components. The production requires V-Cuts. Once it is set up, the layout cannot be changed easily like Wall System A. There are NO open cardboard edges towards exposed; it is fully seamless. This wall system may be preferred when it comes to stricter hygiene regulations. 

Final notice:

For Europe or general assistance, please contact
For North America, please contact Karmen@Hive.City